Monday, October 23, 2006


The goal in any scientific scholarship is to see if you can come up with one simple theory that will explain all or most of the evidence. That's what I do in this book, "The Ghost in the Gospels". There is one very simple way of looking at the evidence in the Gospels concerning Jesus' death which resolves all of the problems. And all you have to do is drop that anti-Jewish lens through which the Gospels are always studied.

The picture of the book at right is a link to the page where the book can be ordered from iUniverse.com. I describe the book a bit more in the post immediately below.

Thursday, October 05, 2006


It's finally here, my book, "The Ghost in the Gospels". It can be ordered by clicking on the link to iUniverse on the right (the first link). When you're on the iUniverse page, you have to scroll down just a little bit to get to my book (for some reason, the top part of the page is blank, I have no idea why).

Just think what you get: The truth about how Jesus died —based on an abundance of clues in the Gospels —and the sad story of how scholars have suppressed not just the truth, but the search for truth by insisting that the Gospels can only be read through an anti-Jewish lens.

As I say on the back cover, this book exonerates Judas and Jewish leaders of any participation in Jesus' death and ends the longest running witch trial in history. I go on to say that this is also a tale about scholarly self-deception. The nonsense ends with this book.

Jewish leaders tried to save Jesus from a Roman execution and Judas was no traitor but his friend to the very end. You'll be amazed at how solidly the Gospels support this. And it only took 2,000 years to get it right. What a story.

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