Tuesday, November 28, 2017


This month just a short note to report that my historical Jesus website is back. I cancelled it several years ago, but now, thanks to the efforts of an admirer, it is back. He was able to retrieve it from whatever elephants’ graveyard websites go to when they are deleted. I put in a link to the revived website at right.

I left all the essays exactly as they were when the site originally went up in 2003. I only added an update on the home page to explain that nothing ever changes in historical Jesus scholarship, so all the essays still make valid points. I expect that a hundred years from now, these essays will still be relevant because there has been no movement. Bear in mind that there has never been a quest for the historical Jesus, if by “quest for” you mean “to reveal”.  The quest has always been to conceal the historical, Jewish Jesus. And it’s been a very successful quest. Concealment is what we have. Revealing is still in the distant future, even if much of that revealing has been accomplished in my two books, links also at right.

© 2017 Leon Zitzer

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