Monday, July 25, 2005


If you have an interest in the relationship between science, religion, and morality, check out the "Religion and Science" link at right. It will take you to my friend Mark's blogspot.

He asks some very provocative questions about these two branches of human endeavor. Could science use more spirituality? Could religion become as empirically and logically well-founded as science is? Mark will get you thinking about a lot of things. He takes questions about proving God's existence very seriously. Take nothing for granted in his approaches. He wants a fresh and logical way to tackle these problems.

I think that mostly he just wants everyone to be a lot more moral in confronting the major problems of the world and our society. He has grave doubts that consumerism is creating a better world. Is there a more spiritual, more fulfilling way to live? One that would give more satisfaction to the spirit and not suck the life out of our resources.

He will definitely challenge you on all these issues. And you can leave comments.
Good luck. He will give you a vigorous argument on every point.

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