Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Finally. My new book, True Jew: How Jesus Really Ended Up on a Roman Cross, How We Still Cover It Up, is available. I put the links to True Jew for both Amazon and Barnes&Noble over on the right. It will also be available as an e-book on their reading devices (the Kindle and the Nook) in a few more weeks. Right now it is just the paperback.

I had two main reasons for publishing another book on this. I have even more evidence now and I figured out how to tell it at a quicker pace so that True Jew is about 200 pages shorter than The Ghost in the Gospels.

One example of how my argument is so much stronger now: In Ghost, I proved that it is highly improbable that Judas betrayed Jesus. But in True Jew, I prove that it is absolutely impossible. In order for the betrayal to be even remotely possible, there would have to be at least one shred of relevant evidence that it took place. There isn't. Most of the evidence regarding Judas is ambiguous, so that either the traditional theory (betrayal) or my theory (an innocent man slandered as a traitor) could explain the clues we have. But about 10 pieces of evidence make much more sense under my proposed theory.

As for Jewish leaders, it is highly improbable that they helped Rome execute Jesus. But even here, I have more evidence in True Jew than I did in Ghost. They tried to save him from a Roman execution. That is so clear now. And I do a much better job in the new book explaining Jesus' Jewishness. At long last, it's all here.

Leon Zitzer

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