Wednesday, March 30, 2011

NO NEWS? They say no news is good news. Or, as Jack Nicholson put it, if your face ain't up there (on the movie screen, that is), it can't hurt you. Well, maybe so. But I'd like some good news and I don't have any, not this month. And I still intend to put a better video on You Tube. So I will just repeat on this post that my book, True Jew: How Jesus Really Ended Up on a Roman Cross, How We Still Cover It Up, is available. The historical Jesus at last -- the historical, Jewish Jesus. The evidence makes the case. An abundance of evidence. I think Sarah Vowell, more than anyone else, would appreciate this. Links to the book on Amazon and Barnes & Noble (BN) are at the right. The BN link to the paperback may say there is no Nook Book, but that is not true and I hope they correct it soon. If you search for my name on BN, the Nook Book option will show up. Leon Zitzer

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