Saturday, May 07, 2011


Finally, finally, finally. I've begun to put up some videos on YouTube that I can live with. I'm satisfied that I've done a decent job. The link to them is at the right (just beneath TRUE JEW on Barnes & Noble). Or you can always search for my name, Leon Zitzer, on YouTube. Of course, the main purpose is to help promote True Jew: How Jesus Really Ended Up on a Roman Cross, How We Still Cover It Up.

The first 2 or 3 videos will deal with Judas. Each one is under 10 minutes. It is fairly easy to prove that it is absolutely impossible, not merely improbable, that he betrayed the historical, Jewish Jesus. It's easy, that is, after 14 years of study. It took that long to figure it all out. It ain't easy to get rid of all the prejudices, even though I lost most of them in the first couple of years. The last couple of biases clung like seaweed.

One video is up now. I hope to get the next two up in the next few days. (Updating this a week later, I have three videos up. All are about Judas not betraying Jesus.) And I really hope that people outside this field take an interest. I mean people like Sarah Vowell, Francine Prose, Maira Kalman, Roger Rosenblatt, Cokie and Steve Roberts, and many others. If you have an interest in history and memory, in how certain historical memories get suppressed, in Jewish history and identity, take an interest in this.

Leon Zitzer

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