Sunday, October 30, 2011


I am not putting up a new post this month. I'll just let the post below this one from last month stand again. A new book is always worth another month's announcement space. And True Jew is certainly worth it. Isn't the historical, Jewish Jesus worth a few months of notice?

Just one other word. I have always thought that there is more interest in suppressing the historical Jesus than in uncovering him. Every word written on him seems to bear me out. I thought that's kind of ironic because suppressing him means everyone is assuming some people are interested in him and that isn't the case, so this constant effort to suppress any genuine discoveries is rather paranoid. But then I realized that the effort to keep him down and unknown is really an effort to suppress any potential desire to discover him. It's about suppression of desire and it's spectacularly successful.

Ask yourself this question or two questions: If it is true that Jewish leaders tried to save Jesus from a Roman execution, would you want to know that? (I mean, know there is an abundance of evidence to support it.) And if Rabbi Joshua of Nazareth, like other rabbis, taught that chutzpah towards God is a good thing, would you want to know that too? Well, true Jew that he was, it's all true.

Leon Zitzer

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